A Trombone Story

Marching Band Contest - 1960

There once was a young man by the name of Tim Gregath
[Class of 1966], who in the late 50's really wanted to learn to play the trombone.  Now, the story of early trombone practice at the
Gregath Farm soon became something for the young man to live down.  The first day he took his trombone home to practice, he succeeded in calling all his dad's cows to the milk barn by simply playing the notes.  The cows practically ran to the corral, snorting and bellowing all the way.  For some reason they hated that trombone!  Even the neighbors wanted to know what in the world
was going on.  Who would have thought that learning to play the trombone could also help with one of his evening chores, which
was bringing in the dairy cattle?  It was reasoned that all Tim
would have to do each evening was stand in the back yard and
play that trombone.  However, his dad did not see it that way and certainly did not want his herd of dairy cattle running around.
Tim soon had to practice elsewhere and the dairy farm got back
to normal.  However, to this day, the poor guy still takes a good ribbing about calling the cows with his trombone.

Thank you, Tim, for letting me share this story!