Civil War Veterans

Following are some Union and Confederate veterans listed, by the Sons of Union Veterans, as buried at Afton.  There are, no doubt, others who are not yet listed.  Do you have a family member or know of a Union or Confederate veteran buried in Afton, who served in the Civil War?  If so, please email.


   Braught, Cloyd G., Union
Counts, James A., Union, 45th OH Infantry
Cox, John Hall, Union
Cox, John, Union, 6th IL Cavalry
Hall, William H., Union, 10th KS Infantry
Haynes, Silas S., Union, 9th IN Infantry
Jones, James L., Union, 12th MO Cavalry
Lair, Jacob M., Union, 7th MI Infantry
Lair, William H., Union, 23rd WI Infantry
Long, Robert H. (Rev.), Union, 1st AR Infantry
Meador, William P., Union, 1st AR Cavalry
Seaton, Lamberton M., Union, 103rd PA Infantry
Sutton, Alexander P., Union, 7th KY Infantry
Whiteside, John Wesley, Union, 84th IL Infantry
Wilkie, Mason J., Union, 5th TN Infantry

Anderson, Peter Dowel, Confederate

Bowen, James A., Confederate, Quantrill

Dawson, Francis Marion, Confederate
Graham, John W., Confederate, 17
th TX Infantry
Howell, William A., Confederate
Mitchell, Joel A., Confederate
Williams, George W., Confederate,
st Cherokee Mounted Cavalry